SB Bevel Electric Gear Operator Gearbox

SB Bevel Electric Gear Operator Gearbox

SB Bevel Electric Gear Operator Gearbox

Short Description:

SB series multi-turn gear operators

This gear operator series is made of cast steel and the optional material is HT. Bronze, D2 and QT nuts are available to fit in with the valve stem. This series is suitable for use on linear-motion valves including gate valves and globe valves, with the single-stage speed ratio varying from 2.3:1 to 8:1 and the torque from 216NM to 6800NM.

Products can be used for gate valve, stop valve and other linear movement of the valve, widely used in chemical, food and beverage, metallurgy, offshore platform, pharmaceutical, energy, oil and gas, paper and textile, fire, water conservancy and other industries.

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Instructions for Installation and Operation

The flange of the input end of the gearbox is connected to the electric actuator, the input shaft is connected to the hole of the electric actuator, and the flange bolt is installed and tightened.
Connect the bottom flange of the gear operator to the upper flange of the valve and slide the valve shaft into the drive nut. Tighten the flange bolt. The valve can be closed by turning the hand-wheel clockwise and opened by turning the hand-wheel counterclockwise.

Product Features

▪ WCB casing
▪ Welded hand-wheel
▪ IP67 grade protection
▪ Bronze nut
▪ NBR sealing materials
▪ Suitable for -20℃ ~ 120℃ working conditions


▪ IP68 grade protection
▪ Aluminum-bronze worm gear
▪ Stainless steel input shaft
▪ Designed with a lock mechanism

Model Gear ratio Input flange Input shaft Input torque Output flange Max. valve stem(TW) Rated thrust(N) Output torque Mechanical advantage
(Nm) (Nm)
SBS10 2.3:1 F10 28 106 F10 25 69200 220 2.1
SBS20 2.35:1 F10 28 172 F12 32 108000 365 2.1
SB-0 2.6:1 F10 28 252 F14 40 115000 590 2.4
SB-1 3.6:1 F10 28 290 F16 45 120000 930 3.2
SB-2 4:01 F12/F14 38 414 F20 48 220000 1490 3.6
SB-3 4.1:1 F12/F14 38 542 F25 65 255000 2000 3.7
SB-4 5.2:1 F12/F16 38 723 F30 70 265000 3400 4.7
SB-5 6.3:1 F16 38 810 F35 105 452000 4600 5.7
SB-6 7.11:1 F16 45 970 F40 120 820000 6200 6.4

1. Spline connection is used to connect the driving part with the bevel gear
2. Customers can process the reserved whole position according to their own actual working conditions
3. If you have any other requirements, please consult with the sales department of Stard-Gear

Sealing and working environment

1) When the gearbox leaves the factory, the protection grade is IP65 and IP67.But only refers to the inside of the gearbox. IP protection level according to EN60529/IEC529 according to GB/T4208.IP65/IP67 applies to standard environment; IP68 is suitable for the water depth is not more than 1 meter, duration is not more than 72 hours of work environment. The working environment requirements need to be clarified in the previous contract.

2) gear box standard working environment temperature -20℃ ~ 120℃ seals are made of butadiene rubber (NBR) or liquid sealant gear box. When working in high temperature and low temperature environment, the seals are made of high and low temperature resistant seals according to the requirements of working conditions.(Special environment, need to be clear in the earlier contract)

3) The cover and other parts of the gearbox shall not be removed after delivery to the end customer, as doing so will damage the sealing of the gearbox and lead to leakage.

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